Because even the littlest voice can have the biggest impact.

Welcome to The Littlest Voice, a happy and open place where we invite you to explore the world around you through music.

Music has the ability to shape our worlds, to capture moments in eternity. Think of your favourite song…what does it bring to mind? A moment? A person? A place?

It takes a certain kind of artistry to make memorable music. Creating music is as much about catharsis as it is sacrifice. Still most musicians use music to convey that which can not be said, to transcend the barriers that often divide us.

Sadly, lots of music goes unheard or doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

Here at The Littlest Voice, we have made it our mission to help independent and lesser known musicians from around the world get the word out about their music. We hope you love discovering their work as much as we do.