5 Questions: Codi Dillon

Ahead of his live online performance for A Night of Music concert with Bsquared management on Instagram, Codi Dillon took a moment to introduce us to his music and undeniable artistry.

For those who have never heard your music before, how would you describe your sound?

I would say for those people who have yet to hear my music should, because it comes from a place of realness and rawness that I like to exude through my work. My sound is a very pop/dance sound that merges with the modern pop sound we all know and love. But I usually like to experiment with new sounds, especially on the new record I’ve been working on, it’s a newer direction than I think who have heard my music are used to. Overall, I create a very experimental pop and fun sound that I want to make people feel good, understood, and happy. I could best relate my sound to the great Lady Gaga, one of my all time biggest influences.

So you’ve been doing a few online concerts already. What do you like most about performing in online concerts?

I love how these virtual performances allow me into the homes of many who are all experiencing the quarantine and self-isolation differently. It becomes very personable to me and I feel obligated to exude and spread love and joy through the music. I am so grateful to have these opportunities and to hopefully bring light into peoples lives through such an unsure and trying time.

I understand that you are a classically trained pianist and vocalist. How does that training inform the music you currently create?

The training I’ve had professionally with piano and voice has extended over the decade, to where I am still learning new things I’ve yet to explore. I would say that the techniques I have had the privilege to learn through my great mentor, Diane Manzoni (with Fine Arts Connection, based in Maryville, TN), has taught me a lot on how to incorporate that into the music I make today. We all have to start somewhere, and with music it usually starts on the piano/keyboard for me. I love playing with different melodies and working with the styles I have gotten to know, and incorporate it into a more modern sound, my sound. Because I think if you can make a great pop song, you should be able to play it stripped down and/or acoustic to add a new dynamic and keep the audience interested. It brings a whole new level to the meaning and intention of the song, and can say a lot about the artist’s capability to transform and evolve musically. That venerability to me is what makes an artist more connected with the fans, and that’s what I strive to achieve with my music.

Through your music what are some of the themes you focus on, and why are they important to you?

The subjects I tend to usually focus on are self-expression, self-love, and diving in deep with yourself to truly feel comfortable and secure with who you are. I have never really been the best with being the most confident and secure person in the room, amongst how other people see me as being exactly that. You can love and exude all of the confidence in the world, but yet never feel it authentically with yourself. I like to touch people who have felt similar to how I have felt, with being misunderstood, or the weird kid that has an over the top imagination. I want to use my music and my voice to inspire the young and even older generation who has never felt understood to break the societal and self-made boundaries that hold them back from being themselves and loving it. I write a lot about my personal experiences, most I feel can be relatable to today’s youth. However, my overall mission is to create and curate a safe place and loving environment for my fans and listeners globally to feel accepted and know that they are never alone and if I can overcome it, they can too.

Finally, what’s the best thing that happened to you today?

The best thing to happen to me today is being able to wake up and work on this new music I am so excited to share with the world. To wake up to a beautiful blue sky surrounded by a team of people who truly believe in the work and music I am doing/making. I am beyond grateful to have a platform and a talent to hopefully inspire and make a positive change. That will forever be the best gift and or thing I could ask for. It just really hits today, when I think about everything going on in the world and with all the fear and uncertainty. I want to at least make it a little lighter and a little easier for people to feel loved and like they aren’t alone.

Thank you, to The Littlest Voice, for giving me a voice and for sharing my story. I can’t wait to perform for you all and for making this happen. I look forward to hearing back and working with you all even further in the future.