The Broken Orchestra is a bandaid for current times

UK’s The Broken Orchestra is back with their latest single “Someone Just Pressed Pause (Feat. TinB).”

The Broken Orchestra has evolved from a two-part musical experienced formed in 2010 by production duo Pat Dooner and Carl Conway-Davis, to a five-piece dynamic act that transcends all musical conventions. Dooner and Conway-Davis are now joined by guitarist Tom Kay, vocalist Emily Render, and drummer Rich Lovelock.

Released on March 30, “Someone Just Pressed Pause (Feat. TinB) is an incredible spoken word track that combines mesmerizing trip-hop beats with words that capture the essence and hope of a world thrust into unprecedented times.

But what is perhaps the hallmark of the track is the themes and words of hope. Indeed, TinB reminds us of not only the hardships we are collectively facing right now, but also that there is opportunity within these moments, this seemingly pause of everyday life. Yet, as the track comes to a close, what reverberates most are the words of hope for the future. Images of unity and collective strength to create a better tomorrow linger in the mind as The Broken Orchestra and TinB lightly draw the song to a close.

Check out “Someone Just Pressed Pause (Feat. TinB)” on Bandcamp, and keep up with them on social media: