The Rivers are back

The Rivers‘ latest single “If I’m Lost (Then I Never Want To Be Found)” is one not to be missed.

Released on March 31, “If I’m Lost (Then I Never Want To Be Found)” marks the band’s move into a more mature and polished sound.

That said, this dynamic and energetic trio from North Bay, Ontario are still quite capable of pulling out their hallmark pounding drum solos, face melting guitar riffs, and playful lyrics. Now while they seemingly have moved away from the young garageband-esque sound from their EP, that fun, rock-n-roll vibe is still the epitome of what makes The Rivers so great!

And if this latest single shows us anything, it’s that these up-and-comers will always harness the best parts of rock. But more importantly, they have the drive to see their vision all the way through.

Check out “If I’m Lost (Then I Never Want To Be Found)” below and keep up with The Rivers on social media: