The Musical Boldness of Kings of Our Kin

Kings of Our Kin harness the epitome of classic and new Canadian alternative rock on their first full-length album 10:45.

Released on March 27th, 10:45 features some of the best examples of what Kings of Our Kin can offer music lovers.

There is such a wide range of sounds on the album, everything from 90s inspired rock guitar riffs to upbeat tempos reminiscent of the high days of ska. And with music comparable to I Mother Earth, Econoline Crush, Our Lady Peace, The Watchmen, and even Pearl Jam, this Toronto-based band is setting themselves up to be the next best thing in Canadian music.

10:45 is available for purchase now!

That said, they really do have their own thing going on. Not only do they have a relatable rawness in their lyrics that sets them apart from their peers, Kings of Our Kin have a distinct unapologetic approach to the world around them.

This is best heard in the title track and in “Blue Jay.” Musically, these two songs are very different from one another. “Blue Jay” is upbeat with that vibe edging on a blend of dream pop and rock, whereas “10:45” is slower with a heavier distorted guitar and grittier drums.

Then there’s “The Middle” with an almost impromptu jazz and ska feel. Bringing to mind the likes of Red Hot Chili Peppers, “The Middle” is sarcastic, complicated, energetic, and fun.

Really, listening through the album one thing becomes glaringly obvious: Kings of Our Kin are comfortable with their own thing and they aren’t afraid to take risks.

Truly, perhaps like all great music it’s hard to put a finger on it and classify it according to just one narrow category. And that’s what makes this album so great. Whether it’s the metal-inspired shredding drum and guitar solo in “Okanagan,” the beautiful chord drops in “Little Astronauts,” or the epic anthemic folk-ballad “Never Looking Back,” there is nothing boring or regular about this album.

And that’s exactly why Kings of Our Kin are destined for greatness!

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