5 Questions: Nadia Vaeh

Your mother was a poet, how did her talent influence your beginnings as a lyricist?

My mom played a major role in my love of word-craft. Growing up, she turned words into puzzles and made writing a game. Present day, when I sit down to write, the times I allow myself to be fully present, I can really feel her guiding me. That is when I write my best.

Reading your bio, I understand that you’ve gone through a lot of personal tragedy. How has music helped you heal?

Music has always been such a major part of my life and without it, I would not know certain pieces of myself. The incredible power of music is that it allows you to get in touch with the darkest corners of life without being burned in the same way. It has really helped me close the door on self-limiting and sabotaging behavior as it helped me come to understand where my actions were rooted from and therefore I was able to stop being so damn hard on myself. 

So your latest track “Monroe” brings together a large group of women who have influenced you. What do you hope listeners, especially women, get from the track?

I hope that every woman who hears this song feels embraced, understood, and comfortable taking up space in whatever room they find themselves in. It’s so easy to get the life and the light knocked out of you in this crazy world in which we live, but one easy way to rebuild that light, is by coming together and nurturing the light as one. 

Now proceeds from the single will go to GirlUp. Why was it important for you to team with them? 

GirlUp is such an amazing organization. They target leadership development for women at the right age, when they are young. Their leadership development programs, and their mentorship activities are so inspirational. They take a holistic approach to development, focusing their efforts on issues such as gender equality, gender violence, education, STEM skills for girls and athletics. They succeed in these areas through advocacy, fundraising, storytelling, and organizing activities. I wish I knew about this organization when I was young and needed them the most. GirlUp has my heart as they have such passion for their efforts. I am in awe of the many success stories coming from those who were involved in GirlUp’s programs. I want to take a portion of [the track’s] proceeds to support their programs. I also want to encourage everyone to make direct donations to GirlUp as they do such important work to support and develop the women leaders of tomorrow.

I understand that you also have more music that you’ve been working on. What is the next step you are planning to take?

I have been writing and creating more and more songs and ideas for this year and next. I plan to release my single “Rise” next. It’s a song about coming together as one, and slowing down. I wrote it a couple years ago with my friends in Sacramento, but the timing could not be more on point. The world is in such a crazy place right now, we have to sit back and remember what is important and that we are all in this together.

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