5 Questions: Jess Roveda of Kings of our Kin

So 10:45 is your first full-length album. What was it like putting it together?

This was a different studio experience from our previous release, our debut self-titled EP. Recording the EP was still a fun experience that we all enjoyed, but we were met with some limitations that came with self-producing and utilizing a studio that wasn’t 100% equipped for our needs. 

This time around, it was something we put more planning into. Before entering the studio, there were about 16 song ideas we planned on potentially recording, which was then narrowed down to 10 once we hit the studio. Our final number of songs recorded was nine, all of which appear on the album. Our producer Shawn Sasyniuk really helped bring a lot of our songs to life, some ways more major than others. We recorded in his home studio over the course of two separate weekends for the majority of instruments and vocals. Some smaller vocals and overdubs took place at mine and Gab’s apartment. 

The process from first day of recording to the day we confirmed we were satisfied with the masters took place at different times over the course of approximately 10 months. Overall, I’d say we enjoyed the process for this as well and how different it felt from recording the EP.

What’s the story behind the title of the album?

Nothing super interesting, truthfully. We were having a hard time coming up with a title that we thought worked best. After spending far too much time trying to come up with something we all liked, we eventually went the route of “what if we just named it after one of the songs off the album?” Thankfully, we were all able to agree on that.

Now you all contributed to the songwriting process, correct? How was it working that out?

Yes, we did! That’s also something major, in my opinion, that separates the songs on this album from the ones on the EP. Those songs were actually written while the band was still a three-piece, before I joined. But also, it’s my understanding that a lot of the songs were written on a more individual level. In comparison to the songs on this album, these songs came together by having the four of us jamming in a room together. 

Typically someone would crank out an idea in the moment and we’d be like “that’s cool, let’s build on that.” A lot of the times it would result in us creating a full instrumental in one session. Our singer, Tom, is also very good at ad-libbing so melodies and lyrics also came pretty quickly. There were of course some pieces that stemmed from individual ideas, but the majority of what came to be in the end was a result of the four of us putting our heads together in the moment.

Based in Toronto, Ontario, Kings of Our Kin is a four-piece rock band consisting of drummer Gab, singer Tom Andrews, bassist Jess Roveda (second from right), and guitarist Isaac Bender.

What is one thing that you hope listeners get from your album?

For anyone who’s already a fan of us from the EP era, we hope that this meets or exceeds expectations. We want to keep our fans around, but also we want this album to show that we’ve evolved in our sound as well. For new listeners, we hope we can give them something that they’ll want stick around for when it comes to future releases. 

There’s also a bit more stylistic variety in this album, so we hope it not only keeps listeners a bit on their toes during the first listen to see what comes next, but we also hope it means we can provide something for everyone.

In light of so many live shows cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic, how have your plans changed?

There are two major changes came for us as a result of COVID-19. First being that our release show has been cancelled. We were disappointed about that as it was also a hometown show where a lot of our friends and family would have been in attendance, but health and safety always comes first and we can always reschedule. 

The second thing we’ve postponed is having CD copies of the album made, which is also something that can be done later. The album itself is being released on its intended date digitally, so we’re just happy that we’re still able to get it out there and that those who were looking forward to it can still enjoy it from home.

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