5 Questions: Eve Parker Finley (Lonely Boa)

First of all, your Instagram videos, you started those right after social-isolation in response to COVID-19 was announced. What prompted you to do the videos?

I was thinking about what I wanted to do during this crisis time. I live alone, I’m going to have a bunch of time on my hands, what do I want to be doing? But also, what can I do for a broader set of people as a musician? I think there’s a big place for musicians and artists in a time like this, when everyone is scared, confused, and anxious. So I thought that I could at least put out some music that would bring people some calm and just a few minutes of joy or peace or relaxation. So that’s why I started doing it.

Now for those who’ve never heard your music before, I guess how would you describe it?

Right, so I make music under the name Lonely Boa. I describe it as electronic string experimental pop. It can be anywhere from dance music to ambient, or even very poppy. But it’s always lush and in the clouds.

And what’s the story behind the name Lonely Boa?

I was walking down the street alone one night, very late at night, and I saw a pink feather boa on the street. It was like in the gutter a little bit, and I just looked at it I thought it was really beautiful and I really like the name lonely boa. Yeah, I just like it because it kind of sounds like something sort of fabulous and beautiful and happy, but also kind of sad and melancholic, which I feel is what the music sounds like too sometimes.

Now as an artist, what is something that inspires you and why?

I feel like I’ve always tried to be a very politically active person. So whenever I see artists or musicians that can fully intertwine music and activism, or music and fighting for change, that really inspires me and makes me want to do that. But also at the same time, I am also inspired by people who can make music that can transport people, sort of, like out of the world. So those two things inspire me.

Final question, what direction are you hoping to take your music in in the future?

Oh God! I mean, it’s a completely different world than it was if you asked me that question like two weeks ago, you know. So I think I would like to take it in a few different directions at the same time to see if I can meld these different genres and different worlds. I grew up playing classical music, but then I rejected that and got very interested in dance music, indie rock, and ambient. So I’m always trying to combine all of those things. I would really like my future Lonely Boa music to be so focused on texture and beauty, like in dream pop, but also more experimental. Maybe even a step towards more experimental classical influences, but still very much like good pop music.

Photo by Laurence Philomène