Whitney Tai entices on latest single

Whitney Tai’s latest single will make you “Surrender” every piece of your being to her angelic vocals.

As the debut single from Tai’s upcoming second album Apogee, “Surrender” is just a taste of what this amazing musician is capable up. The single has everything from grandiose piano melodies to skin-tingling vocal crescendoes, and even an entrancing string accompaniment. There is nothing missing in this song. Perhaps the only complaint is that at three and a half minutes it’ll leave you breathless and wanting more.

“Surrender” teaser trailer – Release date is April 10, 2020

Check out the teaser trailer for the song above. “Surrender” is scheduled to be released on April 10, 2020. But be sure to check back here on April 8th for a limited streaming of the entire track. Full details will be announced shortly.

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