Rain to Rust’s latest is everything you want

Rain to Rust remind music lovers just how fulfilling post-punk can be on their latest album Flowers of Doubt.

Rain to Rust is the solo project of Turkish Underground veteran artist Mert Yıldız. Having dabbled in everything from Doom Metal to Synthwave, Yıldız is no stranger to making great music. In fact, Flowers of Doubt, which was released on October 2, 2019, combines the culmination of Yıldız’s 20 years of musical expertise with melodies reminiscent of 80s post-punk bands like The Cure.

But there’s more to the album than just musical perfection. Yıldız delicately touches on themes of fear and dependence by relaying complex stories and histories.

For instance, the title track was inspired by a suicide attack that took place in İstiklal Street, Taksim, İstanbul in March 26th, 2016. In fact, the album cover was taken in the exact spot where the attack happened, but two years later. This brings to mind the lingering memory behind such violence, how places are marred by fear for some time after. But then the track comes as almost a catharsis, of a way to transcend that memory of fear and evolve it into something else.

Really it feels that this is the overall purpose of the album. While many of the songs touch on tragic stories that climax and end with even more tragedy, Yıldız brilliantly brings them to life. Through his hypnotic melodies listeners are able to tackle the darker side of the human psyche and cathartically relieve them, much in the same way Grecian tragedies were thought to operate.

Flowers of Doubt is available now!

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