5 Questions: Matt U Johnson

How has the current pandemic affected your plans?

It slowed down a lot of things. We were supposed to shoot a video, but it’s slowed down now because we can’t shoot it in public areas, or rent spaces like rooftops, or venues that do like dance rehearsals and stuff. Nobody wants to be gathering in places like that in groups of more than 10. Usually people bring their staff and that’s more than 10 people. So that’s kind of hindering things now. also, we’re trying to figure out if it’s the right time to release my new single “Gwan Get it” in the next week or two, because of all the Corona virus pandemic coverage. It’s taken over everything. So it might not be the right time to push out a single. Some people say it is, because people have to stay inside and they still want to listen to music and stuff. So we’re deciding on that, but it’s a little bit of a dilemma.

Speaking of your upcoming single, what can you tell us about it?

So it’s a dance single. It’s about a woman that’s really confident and who loves to dance. It’s very diverse because it has a mix of vibes. Sito Rocks is Cuban American and a Latin Grammy Nominee, and it also includes the Canadian Hip Hop legend and four time Juno award winner Choclair.

Matt U Johnson and Hip Hop legend Choclair.

So what was it like with working with such legends in the music industry?

It was big, especially because coming into this market in Canada I didn’t really know how big he was. My manager had introduced me to him, she knew him better, and then I just looked him up and I was like, “Wow!” There are a lot of the artists here that are new to me. So I didn’t know that he was that big until I went to a show at FreePlay Toronto.

I think he was supposed to have his birthday party there as well. I think that’s probably not going to happen now. But that’s where I met him, and actually Master T from Much Music was there too.

So you recently signed with Sony. That’s a pretty bit step. How did that feel?

Well, Mr. David Veslocki from Sapphire/Sony, I’ve known him for six years, but he never really did anything with me. Over those six years, he just seen the movement that I was making, and he said, “Hey, I got this new situation with Sony. I would definitely like to see if we can get you onboard for your new stuff, too. What do you have new coming up?” I let him hear the mix and that’s that’s how it happened from there. He was like, yeah, I definitely want to get involved with that!

Finally, kind of getting back to the whole current state of affairs, how can people best support you and your work until things get back to normal?

Keep streaming the current music. Keep supporting on Instagram, liking, and following. Usually everybody’s on Instagram and Facebook anyway. Now more than ever, artists and supporters of artists need to be on social networks so they can keep in tune with not only what’s going on in the world, but with the artists. So that’s the best way to support artists, by streaming, downloading their music, and keeping in tune with them on social media.

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