Interview with Alonzo

Welcome Alonzo! We are excited to get some of your time today. We would love to start by you telling us the best part of your week? What is the best news or thing that happened – we want to hear it! 

Hey! Thanks for having me. This week has been pretty chill. I just celebrated a birthday which was awesome. I’d say the best thing that happened was just to be surrounded by so much love. Definitely one of the best birthdays ever. I have such amazing friends and family and I love all of them so much. 

We love that you are always sharing upbeat and positive vibes. What do you do on days that you are not feeling so cheerful? How do you turn it around?

Ah thank you! That is definitely something that I try to do intentionally so I’m glad someone noticed. It is conscious work. This is a good question because I am human and sometimes I don’t feel so upbeat. On days that I am not feeling so cheerful I usually just take a day to be to myself. We all need these days for ourselves. It’s okay to take a day to be alone sometimes. During these times I will reflect, do some reading, listen to motivational YouTube speeches and just enjoy my peace and comfort alone. 

What is one song that never fails when it comes on to make you dance?

ANYTHING Missy Elliot. Her music is such a vibe I always need to move too!

You have had some great success in the music business. Do you have a favorite career moment that stands out from the rest?

Hmmm I guess from the outside looking In it may look like I’ve had great success even though I don’t feel that way!. Id say my favorite moment was definitely being on America’s Got Talent. Nothing has topped that experience for me yet. 

When you are working on new material, how long do you work on it before you release it? Do you ever truly feel like you are finished with a song? 

Depends on what the new material is and what it is for. The artist that produces my music (Eric Zayne) works really fast, which is awesome. Even when I want to be a perfectionist he will tell me to calm my ass down which I love as well haha. I don’t think a song is ever finished and if it is it may have lost its magic after making it perfect. I have been working on this debut EP for about a year and a half. By the time it comes out we will almost be at the 2 year mark. So there’s that lol

Where can fans catch you live and find you on social media?

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