Supporting indie musicians in uncertain times

With the accelerated spread of the COVID_19, or Corona virus as it’s commonly called, officially declared a pandemic by WHO, countries, trade, and world economies have come to a screeching halt.

Many people have taken it upon themselves to self-isolate, while others have been placed in official quarantines. Sadly, many lives have been disrupted. And as such, many live music events, festivals, and gigs have been cancelled.

For musicians and artists who rely on live shows to earn a living, such measures, while done for public safety, place them at a great disadvantage.

This morning, we reached out to the indie music community to ask what people can do to support independent musicians.


At live shows, musicians typically make the bulk of their money at their merch booths. Sadly, with many live shows and tours cancelled so too are the merch tables.

Fortunately, many musicians have websites with dedicated stores where you can buy t-shirts, records, CDs, etc.. Those who don’t have such websites use sites like Bandcamp to sell albums and merch.

Most of our articles have links to the artists’ websites and social media sites.

Can’t find something? Send an email or message to the band asking where you can find their merch. Many musicians would be happy to send you to the relevant sites. If that doesn’t work, send us a message on our Contact page and we’ll see what we can do.

Buying albums and merch helps musicians recoup what musicians may have made during a live show.

Call your local radio station!

While it doesn’t always mean that the bands will get immediate financial benefits from being played on the radio, asking your local radio stations to play some indie artists will help spread awareness of their music. Plus, it increases the chance that people will buy their merch and albums.

Buy downloads instead of streaming!

It’s no secret that musicians only make pennies from streaming sites like Spotify. So if you can buy and download an album or single from sites like iTunes, Bandcamp, and Noisetrade. While those last two sites operate on donations and free downloads, please give a fair amount helps. Plus, with those sites a greater percentage of the money goes to back to the artist.

Musicians work hard to give us something we all love. Let’s help give them some love back by supporting them through tough economic times.


As mentioned, some music sites offer albums for free or “pay-as-you-like.” However, many musicians also have crowdfunding campaigns or are on sites like Patreon. Many even have PayPal donation links right on their sites. Now again the percentage of money that actually goes to the artist varies with each site. Still, every little bit helps.

Social media!

We all know that social media is a powerful platform for spreading information. So why not use it to share you favourite independent artists with others. Similar to the radio station play mentioned earlier, while it may not help pay the bills right away, sharing an independent musician’s music will help increase the chances that other people will invest in their albums and buy merch.

Final point…

Finally, keep in mind that the current state of affairs also effects visual artist exhibitions, book tours, art vendors who would’ve shown their stuff at music festivals, and many other artists and makers. Support these artists the same way by buying their products online, sending donations, and buying merchandise.

Support indie musicians any way that you can. It’ll be greatly appreciated.

We will keep monitoring the situation and will broadcast when musicians restart tours and rebook shows. In the meantime, we will get to work on our backlog of reviews, interviews, etc. to bring you some of the best music the world has to offer.

Have any suggestions on how people can keep supporting indie musicians in light of cancelled live shows and festivals? Comment below or send a message.