Howlin’ Circus drop their debut video “Run The Wrong Way”

Run The Wrong Way is now available for purchase.

From their debut album, Howlin’ Circus just dropped their debut video for the title track.

“Run The Wrong Way” is an anthemic ode to how often we run towards the wrong things, whether it’s a bad relationship, a wrong decision, or into a precarious situation.

At a time when our world rests on the precipice of one bad decision, Howlin’ Circus are keenly tuned into the vibes around them. Featuring key scenes of Toronto, their debut video feeds on their awareness.

However, video director, Rachel Elizabeth McKim, perhaps said it best, “Conveying the uneasiness and indecision expressed in the lyrics, the music video for ‘Run The Wrong Way’ follows our protagonist as he faces an onslaught of the new and strange. Confronted with chaotic surroundings and the disapproval of his peers, he must find the courage to conquer overwhelming obstacles and plunge into the unknown.”

Check out the video and let us know what you think. And be sure to check back later this week for our 5 Questions for frontman Jafar Sandouk.