Al Jacobi explores virtual love in “iLove”

Danish new wave lyricist Al Jacobi just released the video for his new track “iLove.”

“iLove” is the first in a 5-song series in which Jacobi uses his keen insight into humanity to explore the theme of love in our modern and turbulent times. Check it out!

“iLove” is the first song in a 5-track series exploring modern love.

As Jacobi moves through his project, each song will have its own film crew, cast, cover artist and clothing sponsor. As such, the video for “iLove” is sponsored by Twelvepieces, directed by Yoandry Gonzalez, features Josefine Lindhardt in the leading female role, and the cover art was created by Navarana Filemonsen.

Setting his sights firmly on branching out internationally, Jacobi is destined to make a name for himself. His willingness to find the melody within everyday sounds, to infuse those sounds with nordic influences, and then to explore what makes us…us, is an inspiring blend. Coupled with his strength to be vulnerable, as we see in “iLove,” there appears to be no limits to what Jacobi is willing to do, or can do, with his music.

Al Jacobi is truly one to watch!