5 Questions: Elle Novella

What was it like recording your first EP?

It was actually quite nerve wracking and I only started writing music about a year and a half ago.

So it’s all quite new really. And I just loved every part of it. And I actually make demos, as well, before I got into the studio to record so I like to be really hands on for that part. Yeah it’s just a great experience.

What are the inspirations behind the EP?

Actually, each song is very different, so my writing style, I don’t like to stick to one particular genre. And I like to experiment. Everything was a bit of jazz, rock, and pop and it’s quite different. I don’t want to stick to one particular style so and it has so many different genres, themes and within the EP. “Shake Me” is quite electronic and the last song that’s coming out is quite 80s rock meets modern pop. So yeah there’s quite a mix.

How does your background and literature inform your music?

Yeah it plays a really big part. I didn’t realize that when I write I don’t really write from personal experience. I kind of write based on characters or people that I know. I like to draw from that and I just love creating things and throwing myself into a world that isn’t mine.

What is it about music that appeals to you as an artist?

Yeah it’s my it’s my favorite kind of form of expression and it just makes you feel things at that moment. It could change my mood in an instant just listening to a particular genre or artist.

What is one thing that encouraged you on this journey to make your EP?

So the reason that I did start to produce music was some friends who really gave me that push forward and I probably wouldn’t be done without then. I always just thought music would just be a hobby, and I started to realize that anyone can put music out there. You don’t need to be signed to a label. It’s just so accessible now and that’s what I really love about the industry.