5 Questions: Amy Guess

What was the spark that brought on your track “Lay Low”

I was feeling a real important need to lay low for a while and take a mental break, be less accessible, get off social media, keep things simple, reset, and not feel like I had to explain that to anyone. This song ended up being a free flow journal of all that I was feeling in that moment. I think something that can be unhealthy these days is that we have so much access to each other at all times via our phones and social media (that’s not a normal or natural thing) that sometimes we can start to think we’re entitled to that access. I think we need to be really conscious for ourselves and others that sometimes people just need space for themselves for their own reasons without explanations or excuses and we need to give each other freedom for that without undue expectations or pressure.

So your music is known for its powerful emotion. What do you hope listeners will get from your music? 

I hope they feel lifted up, motivated, and empowered by it. I hope it reminds them to love themselves really well and in doing that love others really well too.

What is a typical writing session like for you? 

I keep ideas in my notes or make voice notes anytime something sparks and when I’m excited about an idea, I sit down with a notepad and write down everything I’m thinking, all of it, whatever comes along, good or not so good. Just letting all the thoughts run on out, then I start to edit that to what feels good and what feels real. Sometimes things flow fast and easily and sometimes I have to sit for a really long time to unlock those deeper emotions and see what comes out. 

“Lay Low” is available now for download and streaming.

What can you tell us about your upcoming EP? 

It’s 5 songs, I worked on it with some lovely talented humans Matt Keller, Jt Daly, and Scott Chesak. It’s more honest and unfiltered than anything I’ve released previously, more myself and so it feels more brave. I’ve gotten to know myself better and this is little chapters from my mind throughout the year, happy moments, fun moments, self-growth moments, vulnerable moments, and resilient moments. I wanted it to be honest, but I also wanted it to be fun. My hope is that the songs make you feel good.  

What is music to you?

It is a healer and a motivator and friend. It’s an instant cure you can always turn to feel better. It brings people together like nothing else can. It’s the best thing in the world.

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