The beauty in the dark: Nashmeh’s latest album

Conjuring forth the mysterious melodies only can few harness is a hard thing to do.

But somehow Nashmeh manages to do just that on their latest album Sharman. Like a soft beckon to come closer, sit by the fire, and hear some grand tale, this Iranian black metal group is simplistic musical composition at its finest.

The tracks on the album are marked by Charuk Revan’s fantastic vocals and accompanying piano. But it is the simplicity of each track that is utterly beautiful. Really Nashmeh’s music proves that all it takes to create a musical work of art is a confident approach to its composition.

However, while each song on the album has something about it to love, “Puppetry” is one of the most hauntingly lively tracks you are bound to come across. It gets under your skin and sticks to your bones, and before you know it the plucky melody has possessed you. Maybe it’s the piano, maybe it’s Revan’s enthralling vocals, but whichever it is “Puppetry” is a song without an equal.

Sharman is definitely worth checking out if your looking for something on the fringes, especially if you are looking for music that is everything music is supposed to be: a raw, emotional expression of the inexplicable.

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