Interview with Radio Buzzkills

The enigmatic quartet Radio Buzzkills are creating not only a new genre of punk music: Gutter Pop. Find out why this St. Louis band is creating a stir and bringing Varsity Sweaters back to the runway.

What does the band name mean?

“Radio Buzzkill” is one of those weird terms we developed as friends over time. That weird vernacular that is shared between four or five people.  Have you ever been having a great time at a bar or party then a song pops on the juke box that destroys the entire mood of the room? Well, that is a Radio Buzzkill. So when we were thinking of a band name we went with a term we often use, its both an inside joke and a really catchy band name.

What is the creative process of a Gutter Pop band?

Gutter Pop is all about creating aggressive, energetic, classic punk rock songs that are covered in sweet sugar and dominated with classic pop hooks. The creative process is all about building off that classic Ramones style punk heart then incorporating elements of classic 50’s pop music. Hopefully, when you listen to a Radio Buzzkills song it sounds familiar yet totally new. Gutter Pop is about dancing and moshing during the exact same song. Smiling while you pump your fist, coming to the show dressed like a pinup model or greaser then losing your self in punk rock. Gutter Pop is an attitude, it’s a fashion, it’s a new spin on genre that hasn’t changed much in the last few years. Gutter Pop is attitude and fun in equal measure and we try to capture that in every single note, melody and harmony.

What are the best stages to play in St Louis? 

There is a venue in St. Louis called Off Broadway that pretty recently has become one of our favorite places to play; great stage, great sound, great people. The Heavy Anchor is one of our other favorites. It’s a mom and pop operation, Jodi and Josh are great venue owners and super easy to work with even though Josh is a Patriots fan. Then of course there is Fubar, a required visit for anyone in St. Louis who wants to see a touring act. 

What drew you into the music industry?

It probably sounds like the canned answer but we all love creating music. There is something special about creating something new, trying something new, and then sharing it with the world. Music allows people from all backgrounds to connect, to form a community. Wring music is special, it allows the band to connect with the world in a personal way. 

The Radio Buzzkill’s entire catalogue can be found on their Bandcamp page.

What’s the real story behind those Varsity Sweaters? 

If one takes a look back at rock n’ roll history bands always wore matching outfits. We all have a major affinity for 1950’s pop and rock n’ roll. Many of those great bands wore a uniform. We came up with the letterman sweaters because they are classic piece of fashion associated with that era. There are two major downsides to the sweaters though. First, they are really really hot on stage. We work hard as a band life, we play with a lot of energy and by the end of a show we’re all dripping with sweat, soaking. The second downside to the sweater is that they get stolen all of the time. There are probably ten original Radio Buzzkills sweaters floating around the country at this point.

If you could have your fans remember only one thing about you, what would it be and why?

Fans walk away from a live show that they will never forget. We write and record our albums so they have a very live feel. We live to play live music. If I could have fans only remember one thing about the Radio Buzzkills its that they can to a show and smiled, danced, sweat, and laughed for our entire set. 

What is the overall message you want to deliver to your fans?

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Really, we don’t even have fans we have a big extended family. On the road we don’t stay in hotels, we stay with fans. We work very hard to meet every single person who come out to see us because we are so very thankful for the support. We reached 1,000 followers on Spotify which is a major milestone for our band, and that’s completely impossible without our extended family of Gutter Pop Buzzkills. We’re getting to play all over the world, we’re getting to write the kind of music we want with full creative freedom and it’s all because of the people who support us, and because Matt from Outloud Records lets us be us.  There are no Radio Buzzkills without our big Radio Buzzkills family. 
How is the new album doing and when do we get the new vinyl? 

The response to Get Lost! has been something very special; and again, thank you to Gutter Pop nation for supporting the album. CD copies of Get Lost! went out of print within two months. Luckily the second printing just hit the Outloud Records store which you can find in the link below.  
On October 21 we will release Get Lost! on beautiful yellow vinyl. Thank you to Outloud Records and Gutter Pop Records for believing in us enough to allow us to have this opportunity. 

On November 21 we release a split 7 inch with our good friends The Black Russians. We are very excited for this and once again Outloud Records and Gutter Pop Records have provided us with another great opportunity. 
We also have a super secret surprise release that is about to be announced very, very soon. I’m going to keep that one to myself for now! But keep your eyes peeled for that. 

You can download ALL of our old music on our bandcamp page with the name our price option. If your price is FREE then you can pick up our entire back catalogue for absolutely free. If you’re looking!!

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