Explore vastness with Surface of the Sun

If you’re looking for music that will envelop you with multitudes of thoughts, emotions, and moments common to the human experience, then you are going to want to get your hands on Panacea by Surface of the Sun.

Surface of the Sun is the brain child of Devon Eggers. On September 6, this producer, writer, artist, and musical engineer will be releasing his follow up to his 2011 debut full length album A Dying Star.

For Panacea, Eggers wrote and performed the entire EP himself, but he also enlisted the help of drummer Chris Warunki of Omnisight. Eggers is no stranger to music production, having worked as a recording engineer for years before deciding to branch out.

The title track “Panacea” screams into your ears with an eerily pitched tune, melodically flowing into a simple electric guitar rift. Eggers’ vocals are raspy yet soothing to the ear as he manages to effortlessly soften the hard bite of the song. Eggers definitely picked wisely when it came to the track to lead this powerful four-track album.

Experiencing Eggers’ creative flow and feeling the pain behind the issues he outlines with his lyrics makes this album one you shouldn’t miss.

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