Alternative Rock Artist Ignacio Peña

Hello Ignacio, tell us about being in a rock band in Puerto Rico.  How is the rock scene there?

Its a pretty vibrant scene. Puerto Rico is known in the latin world as a wellspring of artists, so the same happens with rock. There are many bands in all different kinds of genres. That might be what makes it hard to make a living from it there. I’d say Puerto Rico has the highest number of bands per capita in the world.

How do you describe your genre of music overall?

I’d say I’m a Rock artist. 
Some call it Alternative Rock. 
Some call it Modern Rock. 
I’m not sure what any of that means anymore.
I like to call it Cinematic Rock.

Tell us about your upcoming new single and video release?

In the next weeks we are releasing 3 new lyric videos for “She’s Bleeding,” “An Elephant in the Room” and “Can it Wait?” Which are three of the 7 songs we’ve put out from the new album Songs for the Fall of an Empire. The album should be out in the fall.

You are an Emmy winner, please tell us more about that experience.

I took the movie version of my Science rock show “The Great Planet Earth Debate: Energy” to our local government channel in Puerto Rico (WIPR), to see if they’d broadcast it. At that moment we didn’t come to an agreement, but I guess they liked what they saw and hired me to create a series of 3 minute chunks about the story behind the local holidays. That series got an Emmy. They hired me again to do a second series about the story of important, yet little known, black personalities from Puerto Rico. That one also got an Emmy.

[It] has been great be able to work documenting Puerto Rican history. You learn a lot yourself doing that kind of project.

How would you describe your LIVE show to someone who hasn’t seen it before?

I have 2 thematic live shows “The Great Planet Earth Debate” is a show designed for schools which tells the story of science and technology, which is a story seldom told to hispanic kids. There’s very little to none original scientific content in Spanish for younger audiences. I think this is a problem. The Great Planet Earth Debate is about filling that gap.

Phono/Graphico is our festival and club show. Its a mish mash of all kind of things pop culture as if you’re watching TV with a live band musicalizing it live. It’s very influenced by Amused to Death, Roger Waters’ solo album. It’s very dynamic and provocative at times. It’s a wild ride.

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