The Gerald Peter Project’s “Enigma”

It’d be difficult to accurately describe “Enigma ft. Julie Elven” by The Gerald Peter Project without crawling into your skull and flashing brilliant lights behind your eyes.

Fronted by multitalented keyboardist, producer, and composer Gerald Peter, Peter’s history of working with the famous Cirque du Soleil seems to have left a lasting impression on his work.

Aptly titled “Enigma,” this latest track is exactly as the title proclaims. A melodic powerhouse anthem, the track is a blend of sulky dark vocals by Elven, 80s techno boogey, and the soundtrack to every early 90’s action movie.

As the music oozes its way into your bones, it will make you want to dance. The hypnotic video gently paints a dream before your very eyes; a dream of steady flowing neon lights, crisp characters, and mystery steeped in shadow.  

The psychedelic video easily keeps your attention as it varies haphazardly between a documentary feel to a dreary mystical dance of colour. Soft yet bold, the video leaves you feeling cheerful yet contemplative.

“Enigma ft. Julie Elven” is truly a work of art that you must experience to comprehend.