Summer lust with Jett Kwong

Jett Kwong’s single “Cream” is now available.

If the first flush of summer love had a soundtrack, it would be Jett Kwong‘s latest single “Cream.”

Having already performed on the renowned stages of Carnegie Hall and the Getty Villa, this rising star has already captured the attention of many in the music world. Kwong’s experimental pop-style draws on her experience as a mixed heritage person in a diverse, globalized world. Her unique melodies and sounds, and her attention to issues of identity, woman’s rights, justice, and the effects of colonialism, make her stand out as an artist.

In “Cream,” Kwong combines sensual vocals with the Chinese guzheng. The result is a multilayered fistful song. Not only does her complex harmonies weave their way into an almost indescribable emotion deep within, the airiness of the guzheng feels as though it dances across the skin, leaving goosebumps of pleasure in its wake.

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