doublePark’s “Standing In The Corner”

It’s been over a decade since their last release, but Sweden’s doublePark will recapture music lovers’ attention with their new single.

“Standing in the Corner” was released on May 20th, and the video was filmed entirely in the artist’s living room. The result is an unapologetic song that doesn’t waste energy on scrupulosity.

From the musical mind of Johan Prosell, doublePark challenges societal perceptions, often revealing a side of ourselves that we wish to keep hidden. Prosell’s keen awareness into the often absurdity of our own behaviours is the hallmark of this single. Coupled with the uncomplicated composition and on-the-nose lyrics, “Standing in the Corner” is a Swedish indie pop song not to be missed.

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Author: Samantha Stevens

I am a retired Canadian sailor turned writer, journalist, and academic. Currently completing my MA in journalism, and keeping my writing skills sharp through freelance work. The Littlest Voice is my baby.

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