North Bay’s The Rivers are aiming high

The Rivers’ What Are You Hiding From? is now available.

Having set their sites on becoming “Canada’s next big rock band,” North Bay’s The Rivers are ones to watch.

Formerly known as Grooove, this energetic trio dropped their latest album What Are You Hiding From? on April 5.

Comprised of Josh Berry (Vocals/Guitar), Jared Dorcas (Bass), and Kyle Poulin (Drums), The Rivers have already been turing heads at home and abroad. They have played live throughout Ontario, including well-known venues such as The Horseshoe Tavern and Lee’s Palace, and outside of Canada in Nashville, TN, New Orleans, LA, and Varadero, Cuba. Their music has even gotten airtime in China, Japan, England, Scotland, Russia, Italy, and Greece. This summer they are scheduled to play several venues around the North Bay area.

What Are You Hiding From? features the best elements of rock, everything from face melting guitar solos to charged lyrics, with a sound comparable to a blend between Foo Fighters, The Tragically Hip, and Rush.

“New Orleans” is from The Rivers latest album What Are You Hiding From?

For example, “Breath It All In” starts with a muted guitar intro and crescendoes as each instrument is added in. But it is the incredible harmonies at the chorus that demonstrate just what these young musicians are capable of. Well,that and the epic guitar solo, which sells it rather well too.

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