Symbion Project continues to push musical boundaries

Symbion Project’s Backscatter is available now.

Symbion Project has always dared to go where other electronic music has dared not.

The brainchild of electronic composer/producer Kasson Crooker, Symbion Project is once again on the cutting edge of electronic music in their new album Backscatter.

Combining his signature dark electronic melodies with vintage analog synths, distorted Japanese koto, spoken word tracks, and complex drum programming, Crooker has created an album that is both retro and futuristic. Accompanying Crooker on the album is Maki Waza, who does a phenomenal job on the spoken word.

Released this part March, Backscatter is purely an instrumental album, and it is easy to get swept away with the mesmerizing ambiance Crooker created.

Tracks like “Quintessence” will transport you to another world, another time, where colours melt together and the scent of jasmine rides the warm breeze.

“At the End of the World” is foreboding yet alluring with its deep soundscapes and menacing otherworldly voices. There is a distinct dystopian flare that brings to mind anime masterpieces like Akira and Metropolis.

For a 10th album, Backscatter is an incredible piece of art. It is clear that Crooker is willing to explore beyond the boundaries of music in order to create unfathomable musical possibilities.

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