Matt U Johnson drops surprise single

Matt U Johnson’s “Pon Di Road” is available now!!

We’ve been following Matt U Johnson‘s meteoric rise, and earlier this week he announced a surprise single.

Released today, “Pon Di Road” was written and produced last year when Johnson was touring Canada to open for juno winner Jazz Cartier.

Johnson wrote the track and it was produced in London, Ontario by Cam Banika. This uplifting track is about life’s journey, of never giving up you’re when chasing your dreams.

The track marks a maturation of Johnson’s sound, a subtle shift in theme, production, and composition. There is just something about the song that feels like Johnson has found his musical niche, and it is here that his talents will shine. “Pon Di Road” is inspiring, catchy, and the perfect tune for summer.

Listen to “Pon Di Road” on Soundcloud and Spotify.