Caelus’ debut album is a must-hear

Caelus’ Lament is now available for purchase and to stream.

Caelus’ debut album Lament is face-melting melodic death metal at its absolute best.

Hailing from Valencia, Spain, Caelus is comprised of Salva Ferrando on lead vocals, Marcos Gutiérrez on bass, Rodrigo Puché on drums, Pablo Romero on guitars, and Carlos Sinisterra on guitars and vocals. Lament is the band’s first full-length album and was released last February.

The 10-track album features an impressive array of the band’s musical ability. The album kicks off with the instrumental intro “Beyond the Rubicon,” a beautiful blend of speaker blasting cinematic epicness.

And if that wasn’t enough to whet your appetite, the next track “Blood Forest” is everything a metal song should be. Salva’s entrancing melodic voice is perfectly contrasted against the heavy drums, guitars, and death growl.

Then the album takes a turn at “Dark Waters,” the melancholic ballad with hints of Guns & Roses, Three Doors Down, and even Black Sabbath. The harmonies are heart-wrenching, and apart from the intro to “Enemy,” is the only softer track on the album, perfectly placed in the dead center.

“Lacrimosa (Adapted from Mozart Requiem in D Minor)” wraps up the album beautifully.

Lament can be streamed in its entirety on Youtube, and can also be bought and streamed from your favourite sites. It is one hot debut metal and rock lovers won’t want to miss.

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