Journey the stars in rocker-style with Gone Cosmic

Gone Cosmic has just released their debut album Sideways in Time.

Calgary’s psych stoner rockers Gone Cosmic just dropped their debut album Sideways in Time, and it’s a debut you don’t want to miss.

Release April 12 on Kozmik Artifactz Records, Gone Cosmic only brings the best parts of rock to the table. Driven by Abbie Thurgood’s (The Torchettes) roaring vocals, her empowering voice is perfectly complemented by Brett Whittingham’s brash bass, Devin “Darty” Purdy’s aggressive guitar, and Marcello Castronuovo’s pounding percussions.

Sideways in Time is available now.

Ultimately, these rockers will get your blood boiling while simultaneously mesmerizing you with their hypnotic melodies. “Faded Release” is a haunting track with its slowly crescendoing intro and ethereal vibe that feels like you’re floating through expansive galaxies. Then there’s “Turbulent” which brings to mind badass bikers or equally unruly space explorers.

Then Gone Cosmic totally throws us off the scent with “My Design,” a psychedelic trip thats carries you away on ebbs of sultry melodies, like some kind of futuristic siren calling explorers to their doom.

Sideways in Time is a really strong debut. Great things are in store of Gone Cosmic, who are currently touring with upcoming shows at Wheelies in Victoria on May 3, and at SBC Restaurant in Vancouver the next day.

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