Be lulled by the beauty of The Aquaerials

The Aquaerials’ Discordia is now available.

Follow The Aquaerials into a world of sound on their latest album Discordia.

Creating neoclassical and minimalist music for the pure joy of it, The Aquaerials brings a grand composite of sounds created all by one man — Mark Swanson.

Armed with an old Casio and some software know-how, Swanson creates epic and emotionally laden music. Check out the video “Negativity” from his early 2018 album A Grand Failure.

The Aquaerials sounds and allusions tend to be rather tongue-in-cheek, which is a great thing. Within the current album, tracks like “Tap Dancing On Your Grave” ends up being a kind of upbeat waltz, but on the other hand “Mr. Dream” has a distinct light-heartedness to it.

Then there is The Aquaerials version of “Greensleeves” which features The Anthropophobia Project. Those who love the medieval track will appreciate their approach to it. Not only do they give an audible nod to its origins through the ever classical piano, but they also throw in some guitar, drums, and layer upon layer of electronic effects. This is the “Greensleeves” of the future.

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