Exclusive premier: Sariyah Idan’s “You Got To Go”

Photo credit: Ervin Arana

The enchanting R&B songstress Sariyah Idan just dropped her second single “You Got To Go” from her upcoming EP Breaking Shadows, which is set for release this summer.

While her smooth vocals and elegant melodies bring to mind the likes of Sade and Nora Jones, Idan is establishing herself as a musical tour de force.

The rhythm of “You Got To Go” is hypnotic, and, like her previous track “Darkness,” touches on some very real themes.

“The song is about human relationships tarnished by the demands of capitalism, how it often unintentionally corrupts integrity,” Idan said. “It’s my quiet roar of frustration feeling manipulated; the holistic hippie culture I was raised in appropriated for the benefit of wealthy people displacing poorer communities through gentrification.”

Photo credit: Liz Bretz

Written in LA, and recorded in Berlin at Noize Fabrik with The SWAG and Christian Dawid from Klezmer Sessions Neukölln, Idan’s latest single makes us very excited for her upcoming debut album. Inspired by her Jewish heritage and R&b training, Idan brilliantly brought together two very distinct styles of music: live hip hop/R&B and klezmer music. But Idan says that it was at first a struggle to figure out how to bring these styles together.

“Bringing together both traditions has been a mission, and a logistical struggle. Those music communities rarely interact, plus traditional klezmer players are hard to find in Los Angeles. 

“There’s an openness to trying new things in Berlin,” Idan said. “There’s a growing interest in live band hip hop and a revival of klezmer music. When I started spending more time in Berlin it seemed perfect to record this song there.”

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