There’s no missing The Discarded

Fresh from last year’s Manifesto, The Discarded are gearing up for their first release of 2019.

The trio’s third album Not From This Town: Act 1 – Sound Check and Fury is set to drop March 9, with the record release party at Duggan’s Brewery in Parkdale, Toronto.

We’ve been following this band since their self-titled release, and with each release they just keep getting better and better.

The five track EP kicks off in high gear with the title track. The song brings to surface a feeling many wanderers have had; the feeling of walking into a small town you’ve never been in before. It is brilliant. So to is the perfectly timed drums and guitar with the punchy pauses.

The album is authentic and gritty, but it is also a ton of fun. The final track “Let On My Shoulder” is insanely catchy with its rhyming chorus and epic rock and roll beat. If this song doesn’t get you moving, nothing will.

Don’t miss The Discarded and their latest release; 2019 is already warming up to be a hot year for these guys. And catch them live throughout the month of March during their tour of southern Ontario.

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