“Horror Films” is unlike anything you’ve heard yet

talker’s EP Horror Films is now available.

Mix some 90s grunge with a sprinkle of modern pop, and you get talker‘s own unique musical blend.

The LA songstress just dropped her EP “Horror Films” on Feb. 22, and we are blown away. Not only is her sound slightly nostalgic, but talker has created something new. Combined with her authentic vocals, the music on “Horror Films” is not to be missed.

There is the typical grunge grittiness to her sound, but she is able to balance it with a melodic softness thanks to her extraordinary singing. The best example of this balance is found in the track “Collateral Damage.” With its deep and domineering bass guitar the track is intimidating. But then talkers smooth vocals slide over the ridges of the gritty music and the fusion is absolutely beautiful.

Each song on the 5-track EP offers listeners a new experience, a new glimpse into the potential of this up-and-comer. We will be looking forward to more from talker.

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