Get soothed by the soulful sounds of Orit Shimoni

Orit Shimoni‘s ninth album, Lost and Found on the Road to Nowhere, is the perfect soundtrack to wherever your wanderings may take you.

Also know as Little Birdie, Shimoni was an academic and teacher before hitting the road full time as a musician. This amazing Israeli/Canadian songstress has been compared to Leonard Cohen, Bonnie Raitt, Nora Jones, and KD Lang. But that’s not to say that she fits neatly into any kind of musical genre box; Shimoni is a unique force all her own.

Check out Orit Shimoni's latest album Lost and Found on the Road to Nowhere. | Photo credit: Neil Muscott
Check out Orit Shimoni’s latest album Lost and Found on the Road to Nowhere. | Photo credit: Neil Muscott

Her latest album is the perfect tonic in turbulent times. Full of simple acoustic melodies and soulful vocals, Shimoni has created an album that is perfectly at home whether you’re on the road, at a campfire with friends, or curled up at home in your favourite spot with a warm cup of tea. There is just something settling about her vocals that bring you back to moment.

Each track has something to offer, some little tidbit that makes them all distinct from each other. For instance, “Jerusalem” is full of intense emotion with its slow and soft rhythm and Shimoni’s elegant singing. But for all of its softness there is also a power behind it, a sense of longing for a time and place far in the past.

On the other hand, “Song for Townes” is robust with the backup vocals and banjo accompaniment. It brings to my mind coastal towns, chance meetings, and life as a traveller. There is a warmth to the song, even though it has an eerie forlornness to it, like a thick fog rolling over a sunlit road.

Don’t miss Shimoni’s ninth album Lost and Found on the Road to NowhereIf you want to see her live, Shimoni has a few live shows coming up:

Feb 8 Cafe Blackbird, Edmonton, AB

Feb 23 Grumpy’s Bar, Montreal, QC

Mar 1 House Concert, Ottawa, ON

There is also an European tour in the works for this spring, and Shimoni is back in the studio mixing her next album. So stay tuned!

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