Portland’s Fox and Bones remind us why folk is so good

Channeling the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Portland’s intoxicating folk duo Fox and Bones show us why we need more folk in our lives.

Their sophomore album Better Land features the very best elements of the genre: the grinding guitar whines like tires on hot pavement, the drums pound like thunder rolling over mountains, and the vocals trickle into our souls like water.

Portland's folk duo Fox and Bones released their sophomore album "Better Land" on Oct. 17.
Portland’s folk duo Fox and Bones released their sophomore album “Better Land” on Oct. 17.

There are even auditory nods to the folk traditions of the past, and even an explicit mention of music legend John Denver. Yet, Fox and Bones show us through heart wrenching tracks like “Roots” that sometimes life on the road is fraught with trials and turmoil.

Then there is “Love Me Like A River.” This track rolls over you like a warm wind and embraces you while whispering sweet nothings in your ear. It’s out right seductive. Check out the video below:

For the last two years, Fox and Bones have been an unstoppable force. Not only have they wowed audiences with their incredible music, but they also founded Portland’s Folk Festival, which sold out in its first year and is set for Feb. 1-2, 2019.

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