Dispak is a match made in music heaven

Dispak has just dropped their 3-track debut EP.

Let your mind wander with the hypnotic experimental sounds of Dispak.

Released on October 16 on the Brooklyn based label FOIL, Dispak 1 features ambient electronic soundscapes combined with techno beats. The three track EP represents the musical fusion of electronic music composers/producers Chris Child and Kasson Crooker.

If that last name sounds familiar, Crooker’s other musical endeavour, Symbion Project, has been shaking up the electronic music scene with tracks like “Bloodthirsty.”

Child, who is also known as Kodomo, is relatively well known as well. He is an Emmy award winning TV composer, and his music can also be heard in games developed by Harmonix.

The music on Dispak 1 is an intriguing blend of sounds. While it is primarily ambient and can be played in the background at a coffee shop, gathering, or fashion show, the beats in this music are so infectious that they grab your attention right away.

This music is perhaps best suited as an accompaniment to other creative activities, whether that’s painting, writing, or just daydreaming. The sounds and rhythms work their way into your muscles. The beats and the melodies…they energize you, they relax you, they elevate you, they bring you to a place of serenity that often escapes us in this busy life.

Check out the video for “Ozornin,” the first track on the EP. The flurry of activity of Child and Crooker working on the track is a brilliant behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making music like this.

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