Get carried away with We Are Waves’ latest album

Italy's We Are Waves latest album "Hold" is now available.

Get lost in the currents of sound on Italy’s We Are Waves‘ third album Hold.

Released back in March, Hold is full of emotional intensity and ethereal landscapes.

Inspired by 80s new wave and post punk, We Are Waves take the classic elements of those genres and create something fundamentally all their own. Fans of The Cure will love Hold.

Comprised of Fabio ‘Viax’ Viassone on voice and guitars, Cesare Corso on synths, Fabio Menegatti on bass, and Adriano Redoglia on drums, We Are Waves have been catching ears around the world. And with one listen to tracks like “Fugitives” and “Lynn” it’s easy to hear why.

“Fugitives” features this amazing bass line and pounding beat. The rhythm reverberates in you and through you. The electronic solo is incredible, fun, and inventive. Take a look at this video from one of their live performances in April, and hear for yourself.

Then there is the track “Lynn.” Perhaps the only way to describe this song is heart wrenching. The electronic intro lulls you into this relaxed state. Then Viassone’s vocals start and his amazing voice combined with the lyrics just tears at your heart. Like watching rain fall softly on the window, this song is a beautiful work of art without trying hard to be. It’s a perfect blend of all the best pieces that this band has to offer.

Hold is available on their Bandcamp page where you can purchase the album digitally, or on CD or vinyl. And while you’re there, be sure to check out their other albums as well.

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