Carl Lorusso Jr.’s album is folk music at its best

Call Lorusso Jr.'s fourth album "Murder Tools" is now available for purchase.

Poetic lyrics, acoustic guitar, and gruff singing voice – Carl Lorusso Jr. has all the makings of a folk music legend.

Channeling the likes of Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan, and Johnny Cash, Carl Lorusso Jr. shows that folk music is alive and well on his fourth album Murder Tools.

Originally from Tottenham, Ontario, Lorusso is now in Toronto where he just wrapped up a four year residency show at Graffiti’s in Kensington Market in December 2017.

Released Oct. 25, and produced by Harrison Fine, Murder Tools is a collection of songs that will delight all music lovers. In each song, Lorusso explores a facet of life, a life challenge that can only be conveyed through expertly woven poetry. Combined with toe thumping guitar playing, and the occasional accompaniment, the songs on Murder Tools are irresistible.

“Fishing With Pirates” is the lead single from the album. The use home video in music videos is a device that is used often, but it makes the music, and the musician, relatable. You get to see the commonalities in every day life, the basic elements that draw us together. This is an important aspect of folk music, especially when you are trying to reach audiences near and far. Check out the video below.

Be sure to check out Murder Tools now available for digital download on Bandcamp. The album can also be streamed on Spotify.

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