Marlon Chaplin's debut album is a must for music lovers

Marlon Chaplin's debut album, released Aug. 24, is now available for purchase.

Marlon Chaplin’s debut album The Circle, released Aug. 24, is now available for purchase.

Toronto’s Marlon Chaplin combines nostalgic melodies with a look at the cycles that govern our lives on his debut album The Circle.

Released August 24, this album follows Chaplin’s successful singles “Elevation” and “Drain Me,” which were both released earlier this year and are included on this album.

There is a great mix of sounds on this album. There are the harder tracks like “A Single Drop” and “Elevation” with their ripping blend of guitars and drums. Then there are the softer tracks like “Take Me There” and “Out On The Wing” that take their time and slowly lead into complex harmonies.

Maybe I’m just a sucker for a good piano-led melody, but “Out On The Wing” is perhaps my favourite track on this album. There is that depth of emotion that Chaplin had in his single “Fossils.” But this track also shows how much Chaplin’s music has matured in just over 2 years.

This maturity and confidence in his music is evident in the other tracks as well. His willingness to experiment with sounds, compositions, and different eras of influence speak to this.

The Circle is available on CD and digitally on Chaplin’s bandcamp page.

And don’t miss Chaplin live this month in Toronto:

Nov. 8 @ The Baby G

Nov. 21 @ The Horseshoe Tavern

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