To be found, you must first Get Lost

Wandering Vagrant's album "Get Lost" is now available.

Wandering Vagrant’s album “Get Lost” is now available.

Relatively new to the Italian progressive rock scene, Wandering Vagrant‘s debut album is smart and captivating.

Released in April earlier this year, Get Lost is full of atmospheric emotion and a level of depth that hinges on creative brilliance.

The album marks a creative high for Wandering Vagrant frontman Alessandro Rizzuto. With a focus on pushing music and poetics beyond the mainstream stylings, the music on Get Lost is full of epic ballad-like guitar solos, lush vocals, and thought provoking spoken word.

While every track on this album is unique in its own right, “Home” is an instrumental/spoken word track that evokes an essence of artistic mastery. Perhaps what I enjoyed most about this track was the blending of rhetorical commentary on society blended with mesmerizing harmonies and tones. It’s almost reminiscent of the between track commentary on Chumbawamba’s Tubthumper album. They, of course, were expressing their disdain at the labour disputes in the commentary, whereas Wandering Vagrant seem to be making a general comment on the state of modern society. Check it out!

Get Lost is now available on Bandcamp.

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