Friendly eclecticism and The Phosphenes

"Finally, a friendly shore" is the latest album from Australia's The Phosphenes.

“Finally, a friendly shore” is the latest album from Australia’s The Phosphenes.

Music doesn’t get weirder, or more fun, than this.

Melbourne’s The Phosphenes show off their best musical selves in their latest albumFinally, a friendly shore. Released back in February, the 13-track album brings together a wide array of sounds, themes, and imagery.

Formerly known as Separation Street, The Phosphenes was founded in 2005 in Melbourne, Australia. They are most known for their originality and eclectic approach to sounds that draw inspiration from music of the 60s, 70s, and 90s.

One of our favourite tracks is “I’ve Been Waiting For Her.” It’s best described as an odd blend between upbeat tempos combined with an almost neurotic love song. There is a down-to-earth folk feel to the song, sure, but it is the harmonies that draw you in along with the catchy lyrics.

Then there’s the good fun of “Crazy.” Again, it’s a love song, but with a twist. The chorus line, “are you crazy enough for me,” makes you do an audible double-take. Really it’s an anti-love love song that will make you laugh and smile with every word.

Really there is something for everyone on this album. Be sure to check out The Phosphenes’ bandcamp page and check out their other music while you’re there.

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