AKA V wows with new video

You may remember back in February we reviewed AKA V‘s latest single “Last Chance.” Well now we have the chilling video to share with you.

It’s no secret that we adore V here at The Littlest Voice. We’ve watched her grow as a musician ever since she dropped her first single and obliged us with an interview.

“Last Chance” is the latest evolution in her sound and the video is the perfect homage to a side we have to see of her.

The video explores the struggles of mental health, of how sometimes we can be our strongest, our most powerful, ally who pulls us out of a downward spiral. As with the track, the video is meant to inspire people, but the hospital scenes are somewhat disturbing.

However, the symbolism of those scenes is superb, and brilliantly captures the feelings of being trapped in your own head. The patient is seemingly trapped in the hospital, kept, as she believes, by the ill-intentioned staff. But with courage she finds that she is not trapped at all, and the video ends with her embracing a beautiful sunlight day.

This video is not only a great reflection of the track, but of feelings that are often difficult to put into words. This is one video not to be missed!