Vancouver's Written Years excel with their latest single

Written Years released their sophomore single "Superficial Feeling" May 11.

Written Years released their sophomore single “Superficial Feeling” May 11.

It’s tough to one up a debut single, but this Canadian alternative group did just that.

On May 11, Vancouver’s Written Years dropped their sophomore single “Superficial Feeling” on an unsuspecting public. It’s no wonder that it charted at #26 right away on Hype Machine. It’s emotional, dreamy, and a perfect summer track.

The track is from a body of work that frontman Wade Ouellet created after experiencing a sudden and unexplained speech loss. Ouellet worked hard to regain his voice and with the rest of the band, Kane Enders, Brian Dyck, and Alex Richardson, started an upward climb. Their first single, “Lost In You Now,” was symbolic of this growth and determination to do what they love. Check out the incredible video below.

Written Years are able to capture the beauty of everyday life in their music. Their sound is simple but infectious. And while they bring to mind artists like Bastille, there is just something about Written Years’ relatable energy that sets them apart. They grab a hold of listeners with their soft vocals only to blow them away at the chorus.

Take special note of these up and comers…they are going places.

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