Boston's Telelectrix "Embrace The Change" in their debut album

Telelectrix just released their debut album Embrace The Change.

Telelectrix just released their debut album Embrace The Change.

Fans of Passion Pit will love the retro inspired stylings of Boston’s synthpop group Telelectrix.

Released on June 6, Embrace The Change is Telelectrix debut album. Founded in 2014 by Steven Borek, Telelectrix also features Kate Lindsay and vocalist Olea Nickitina.

The music on Embrace The Change is a collection of complex electronic compositions featuring catchy vocals. Each track features multiple layers and a diverse array of synth sounds.

Photo credit: Boston Digipix

Photo credit: Boston Digipix

“Synthetic Fantasy” and “Something Golden” are the two singles from the album. Yet in the final track “Out Of Time” the group really shows off just what they can do. Elements of J-pop, synthpop, and new wave all shine through on this track along with the rapid tempo and sultry vocals. It really is one of the best endings to an album that we’ve heard in a long time.

There is a distinct retro flare to Telelectrix’s music. They brilliantly capture the synth heavy sounds of the 80s, complete with dramatic beats and lulling rough-edged electronics. In fact, the last half of the track “Miss Chameleon” brings to mind Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out For A Hero.”

This is not to say that Telelectrix’s music sounds exactly like it’s from the 80s. They have actually managed to make a distinct synthetic sound that is all their own simply by their choice of musical layers and difficult to achieve harmonies. Combined with the warm female vocals, their music is one part edgy, one part chill, and all round awesome.

Check out Embrace The Change now on the group’s bandcamp page.

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