Get transported in time with folk-rock band Wildeor

LA-based folk-rock band Wildeor just dropped their debut single "The Devil Makes Three" I Photo credit: Mallory Turner

LA-based folk-rock band Wildeor just dropped their debut single “The Devil Makes Three” from their self-titled EP.

Photo credit: Mallory Turner

It’s easy to get lost in Wildeor’s medieval-inspired sound.

Elements of rock, folk, medieval, and celtic sounds come together in Wildeor‘s self-titled EP to create a magical blend of traditional meets contemporary.

Formed in 2015 by singer-songwriter Megan Brickwood, percussionist Caleb Conner, and cellist Mark Bassett, Wildeor came into being when Brickwood moved to Los Angeles from Northern California.

Drawing from her childhood spent in the Pacific Northwest and medieval storytelling, Brickwood created music that brilliantly draws on the strengths of each musician. Their debut single “The Devil Makes Three” from their EP is an amazing example of what these musical masters are capable of. Give it a listen below.

Fans of Loreena McKennitt will appreciate the familiar celtic rhythms and tumbling melodies. And fans of Lord Huron will love the depth of the storytelling and the pastoral imagery. Yet, Wildeor is in a league all their own.

“Northern County Line” is another track on the EP that will blow you away. Familiar yet new, this song draws listeners into the album, like whispers beckoning through a fog covered meadow. Brickwood’s vocals are absolutely captivating, and it feels like a millennia of musical tradition just flows through her. Combined with the steady percussions, which roll like waves against a stone cliff, and the crying cello that envelopes you like a raging wind, “Northern County Line” perfectly sets the stage for the rest of the album.

Wildeor’s five track self-titled EP is now available.

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