Daydream Cathedral gets surreal on their debut album

Daydream Cathedral's debut album Every Drop a Different Color is now available.

Daydream Cathedral’s debut album Every Drop a Different Color is now available.

If cloud watching had a soundtrack it would be Daydream Cathedral‘s debut album.

Released at the beginning of May, Every Drop A Different Color is the prefect addition to any shoegaze lover’s music library.

Daydream Cathedral is the brainchild of Shawn Michael from Burbank, California. Michael did everything on the album, including all of the song writing, instrument playing, and producing. His music is best described as a mix between shoegaze, pop-psychedelia, and dream pop.

One of the best things about shoegaze music is its ability to transport you to where ever your imagination wants to wander to. This album is perfectly suited to facilitate any mind-venture into the unknown.

The music on Every Drop A Different Color is no exception. There is a distinct mystical aura to the songs; they are a homage to primitive themes and modern sounds. The music varies from chill and relaxing to raw and gritty.

For example, “I Live to Love With You” brings to mind a sunlight surf, holding hands, and has a genuine warmth to the music. On the other hand, “Melt Into the Blue” brings to mind engines, punk rockers, and a dystopian future. That may be largely to do the grinding metallic industrial sound of the song. But, either way, the overwhelming contrast between the two songs is brilliant.

There really is something for every wanderer on this album.

And be sure to check out the album’s liner notes on the webpage.

Every Drop A Different Color can be found on bandcamp, iTunes, and Spotify.

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