Marlon Chaplin elevates his rock game in latest single

Don't miss Marlon Chaplin's latest single "Elevation."

Don’t miss Marlon Chaplin’s latest single “Elevation.”

Canadian rocker Marlon Chaplin continues to wow music lovers with his diverse sound and seductive vocals.

Released on April 27th, “Elevation” represents a shift in Chaplin’s usual melodic harmonies. It’s edgy guitar riffs, hypnotic drums, and, everyone’s favourite, the nostalgic cow bell come together to create an intense song.

Check out the video below.

However, apart from the obvious awesomeness of the new single, Chaplin recently showed that he also has a big heart and is truly all about the music.

Visit Chaplin’s bandcamp page and buy “Elevation” before June 27, because between now and June 27 all proceeds from the sale of “Elevation” will go to MusiCounts. MusicCounts is an organization that ensures “all children and youth in Canada have access to music education.” They also provide instruments to school programs and community programs.

The work of MusiCounts is of special importance to Chaplin.

“I can’t tell you enough how much having access to instruments as a child changed my life,” Chaplin said. “I was lucky that way, but of course not everyone is. Providing children a creative outlet is a very, very powerful gift and one that really can keep on giving. Music is the universal language and the more we know, the better we can communicate.”

Chaplin has just wrapped up Canadian Music Week in Toronto. He is now gearing up for the release of his debut album The Circle, which is set for release this August. Fans can also expect a release party on August 30 and a tour in support of the new album this fall.

And with “Elevation” being the first single from that album, it seems that fans are in for a treat.

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