Electronic songstress Searmanas' bold soundscapes will change you…

Searmanas' self-titled album is now available for pre-order at Bandcamp.

Searmanas’ self-titled album is now available for pre-order at Bandcamp.

…and that’s a good thing.

Majestic, alluring, and with a sense of foreboding – NYC-based electronic songstress Searmanas’ new music inspires all of this and more.

Searmanas is the emboldened solo creation of electronic artist Niabi Aquena. Originally hailing from rural Virginia, Aquena created the solo project Searmanas in 2016. Aquena is also a classically trained pianist and singer, something that seemingly lends her electronic music a sophisticated vibe.

Meaning “ceremony” or “ceremonial” in Gaelic, Searmanas isn’t afraid to push beyond the expected. There is an almost otherworldly aura to the album, with each track drawing you in, shaking you up, and spitting you back out.

Like a fall down the rabbit hole into a place that isn’t afraid to get dark, it’s hard to remain unchanged after listening to Searmanas.

But don’t let that dissuade you. Searmanas brilliantly cushions the darker, more dramatic tracks with lighter ones. For instance, the first single “Undo,” which is now available for purchase, is preceded by “Nodus Tollens.”

“Undo” is haunting but beautiful, an ethereal landscape that feels like you are in a lucid dream. Give it a listen below.

“Nodus Tollens,” on the other hand, is jagged, rough, and almost maddening, like a needle on a perpetually spinning record. But what is also fascinating about the track is the name. The Dictionary of Obscure Sorrows defines Nodus Tollens as “the realization that the plot of your life doesn’t make sense to you anymore….”

In fact, each track on the album greets us with a new theme, a new tone to treat our souls with. But there is one thing that rings true with Searmanas’ self-titled album – it is a ceremony; it is a ceremony of life in all of its ups and downs, light times and dark times. And it is for this reason that this is an album that is definitely not to be missed.

Set for release July 6, fans of Ruelle, Enya, and Fever Ray are in for a treat with this one.

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