Drea & The Marilyns' new single is devastatingly beautiful

Drea & The Marilyns new single "Calgary (feat. Jonathan Lacayo)" is available now.

Drea & The Marilyns new single “Calgary (feat. Jonathan Lacayo)” is available now.

There is an explosion of feelings when a relationship ends, and Drea & The Marilyns bravely tackles them head-on in the new single “Calgary (feat. Jonathan Lacayo).”

“Writing “Calgary” was a dialogue I played out in my head when I was at wits end in a relationship,” Drea Marilyn said. “I was constantly guessing myself. Writing “Calgary” was cathartic because it was the conversation I wish I was brave enough to have.”

Hailing from Seattle, Drea & The Marilyns have been compared to the likes of Fiest, Nora Jones, and Fiona Apple. And with their sultry jazz vibes with a bossa nova twist it’s no wonder that they were nominated in 2015 for Best Rock Song for WomeninCharg3 in Atlanta, GA.

The video uses a poignant metaphor in the destruction of the house of cards, signifying the collapse of the relationship. And the chemistry between Drea and Johnathan is electric and intoxicating.

Perhaps was is most enjoyable about this track is the minimal musical accompaniment. The stunning vocals take the focus in the song, apart from the haunting bass-heavy intro.

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"Calgary (feat. Johnathan Lacayo)" is now available on soundcloud, spotify, iTunes, and GooglePlay.

“Calgary (feat. Johnathan Lacayo)” is now available on Soundcloud, Spotify, iTunes, and GooglePlay.