Pacing The Cage turns sexism upside-down in their debut single "Thrill Pill"

"Thrill Pill" is the debut single from Australia's Pacing The Cage.

“Thrill Pill” is the debut single from Australia’s Pacing The Cage.

“Do you have the thrill?” Pacing The Cage is asking rhetorically in their debut single “Thrill Pill.”

It all started with a conversation with a friend prior to a night out. Band frontman Andrew Mullen was struck by the absurdity of the sexist comments and behaviours that women face.

“[My friend] was getting ready to go out dancing for the night and we were joking and sarcastically saying that she was getting ready to ‘get lucky’. At some point in the ridiculousness of this conversation I asked, ‘Do you have the thrill for the morning after pill?’ said Mullen.

“I thought that although it is a disgustingly sexist comment, the sad thing is, that in short of saying these actual words, there is a large population of males who actually think this way. So from there I decided to write the lyrics on what these males are actually like to hopefully show just how primitive and unacceptable their behaviours are.”

Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, the band isn’t shy about their position on women’s movements, mental illness, political corruption, and social injustice. In fact, they intended their debut single to be a “provocative tale to impeach the behaviour of men who treat women like they are objects of entitlement and consumption.”

This powerful message is amplified by Pacing The Cage’s face melting epic rock sound. Fans of Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Queens of the Stone Age, and Foo Fighters will love the classic guitar riffs, cheeky bridge, and rollicking drum beats.

“Thrill Pill” sets the stage for the release of their debut album Intox, which is set for release July 27. The single is available for stream and download in all of the popular spots, and preorders for Intox are now available.

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